Sick, sad, world. Shaved legs molest girls.

Women abhor pedophiles, and rightfully so, yet they continue to shave their legs and wear lipstick, blush, and false eyelashes.

*pause for a moment to let the apparent disconnect in that statement settle in with the confused reader*

The average age where a young woman's leg hair becomes visible is between 12 and 18 depending on hair color, genetics, etc...

What other reason is there for shaving ones legs, besides wanting to appear to be jail bait?

*pause to really allow the increasingly shocked reader to think hard about that*

Take your average 13 year old girl and stand her next to a 30 year old women while neither is wearing makeup. Notice that the 13 year old has ruby red lips, blushed cheeks, and strong dark eyelashes. The 30 year old has pale lips, sallow cheeks and thinning eyelashes. Now ask the 30 year old to go put on her make up. Compare again and feel slightly sick to your stomach. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself. 

*hurries on to reassure the now outraged reader of the limits of my insanity* 

Please note, I am not blaming women for this, I am trying to point out how sick our society is. I am not saying that women are knowingly encouraging men to look at jail bait, nor am I saying that men are knowingly pressuring women to look like jail bait in order to be attractive. I am also not attempting to excuse the actions of your local neighborhood child molester. We are all responsible for our actions, and must pay the consequences, no matter to what bad influences we are exposed. I am also NOT saying that I am sexually attracted to girls, just on the off chance that someone is getting worried here... I'm all about the MILF and specifically, my wife.

But something is wrong here. Very, very wrong. In Europe, or at least in the non-westernized parts of Europe, women do not feel a compulsion to do these things.

It may be that the problem is an unintended consequence of the advertising engine that must needs accompany each industry in our consumer driven economy. I once saw an interview where an experienced older man who had lived through the 60's and remembered it was asked why "blonds have more fun?" His answer was surprising to me: He said "Well, originally it was to sell hair care products." Apparently that saying was started by ads placed for a company that had come up with a new non-bleach hair coloring product and who wanted to create a greater demand. By convincing women that they would have more fun as a blond, they created a feedback loop where the women who wanted more fun, perhaps unknowingly advertised the fact by dying their hair. Men then saw dark eyebrows and blond hair, knew that the woman wanted to have "more fun" and so were more likely to ask her out. It was a self fulfilling prophecy.

I think the same sort of thing may have happened in the makeup industry. Makeup has several functions, including accentuating the difference between men and women, or sending that same "I want to have fun" signal, but mostly it is designed to mask the effects of aging. When an older lady caked on the powder to hid a few wrinkles or age spots, she was perhaps returning her appearance to that of a healthy 30 year old. No problem there. But how to sell lipstick, for instance, when the lips of a 30 year old are really no more red than those of a 50 year old? And why sell only to 50 year olds? 

By presenting the women of the USA with an idealized, sexuallized, version of a younger than legal Brooke Shields or Kate Moss, companies could then push the sale of more lipstick. And so enlist the women who buy it in the consequence of training the men to be pedophiles.

Face it, or tell my why I'm wrong in an unemotional, rational, and logical argument backed up with references and facts. Hysterical rants, unsupported denials, and blame deflecting accusations will be deleted. 

I'm tired of just accepting the sickness.


Rafaela Maria said...

1. Pedophiles are not made by society in most cases, they are responding to early sexual abuse in many cases. So, non sequitur.
2. I know quite a few 30 year old women with naturally dark lips. I also know quite a men which dark lips. Also I have seen long thick lashes and naturally pink cheeks. That aside, women have been wearing makeup for thousands of years. Woman of my grandmother's era (Victorian/Edwardian) went through period where makeup was associated with lower class, loose women. Still lots of molest occurred. Remember Freud's original case studies which he could not publish.

3. It should also be noted that in non-Westernized parts of Europe( which many of these countries were part of the former USSR),makeup and women razors were harder to obtain so perhaps simple economics and communist inefficiency played a role in women not wearing makeup as much or not shaving.

4. Blond hair occurs more frequently among the very young. Does this mean more blond children are molested? No. Child molest happens to children of all hair colors and not more to blonds.

5. Boys are molested about as frequently as girls. Boys and Men are less likely to report molest, although they were molested. Research has shown that they often redefine it as something else. Sexual experimentation, etc.. Most adult men don't wear makeup, except perhaps rock stars and others. So why are boys being molested so often?

6. In another essay you wrote on this topic, and noted that Asian women do not tend to shave. First, Asian women and men in general have very little body hair other than on their heads. Japanese women have for centuries been concerned with body hair and have been removing it. So it could be just a non issue or a cultural issue here.

7. I would like to point out that very few thirteen year old girls have large rounded breasts, which seems to be the norm in the porn industry which still sells to more men, although that is changing. More women are viewing porn statistically. And to defeat part of my argument, there seems to have been a sector of porn for a long time that focuses on "teen girls". so does porn get more girls molested?

8. My final thought is perhaps it has more to do with corporations playing on the increasing fear of aging in our society that causes makeup to sell. Men after all are having cosmetic procedures in record numbers. They are also frequenting salons and spas. Men are also waxing the hair off their bodies in record numbers. Hmmm?

James Newton said...

1. Pedophiles are attracted to girls they see as being sexually attractive, but relatively powerless to resist. The more society makes youth attractive in women, the more likely pedophiles are to be attracted to young women.

2. Exceptions can be found for any rule, traditions are not always healthy, and the rate of molest may be affected by many other things in addition to this.

3. The reasons why European women don't shave or wear makeup as much have no bearing on this point. They just don't.

4. Scripture and verse? How do you know blond children are not more likely to be molested? My guess is that blonds are more likely to be molested.

5. Because, again, they are relatively hairless, and appear to be wearing makeup because of the natural blush and vibrancy of youth, irrespective of their sex.

6. Japanese culture also has serious issues with child molest. I've been there, I've seen vending machines selling girls panties. Perhaps part of the reason is that mature Asian women look just like immature Asian women with regard to their body hair.

7. Absolutely. Porn also does serious damage to our society. However, if men are going to look at pictures of women, I would rather that it be at pictures of obviously mature women, with some visible hair, rather than shaved, narrow hipped, blonds who appear to be underage. MILF porn is healthyer if not healthy.

8. Err... that was exactly the premise of this post. My objection is that it has gone too far. Past the point of making mature women appear more like sexually mature youth (minimum 18 year old) and on to the point of making women look like little girls. Crossing THAT line is wrong, and that line is partly defined as the age at which women grow thicker hair, larger breasts, wider hips, etc... It's healthy for our society to value the sexuality of larger breasts (except that women shouldn't mutilate themselves), or wide hips, or anything else that describes a sexually mature women. It's wrong for our society to assign sexual value to thin hair, blushed cheeks, long eyelashes, slim hips or anything else that is a characteristic of childhood.