"Obama murders cow to enjoy pegan lunch?"

Is this a joke or did FOX really do that?

If Stewart faked that, he should have been a bit more clear about it being fake. If that is real... well... wow... just. wow...


Big Al said...

Funny funny stuff. I saw this when it originally aired. If this was a joke (I thought it was), then it is says something about FOX news AND about reactionary liberals that believe, without skipping a beat, that it was a real headline. I checked some blogs on line and the FOX site. I can't find anyone that can definitively say that it was a joke or not. I can't find anything on Comedy Central that talks about it. I will remain skeptical until either FOX takes credit for it, or Comedy Central reveals it as a joke.

On the other hand, when looking at the blogs in researching this, I saw quite a few Christians and vegans criticizing Obama. Does eating at a place called Ray's Hell Burger make you a pagan? I don't think so. Did Obama run as a vegan candidate? No. (Personally, I don't think vegan's love animals, they just hate plants).

The following clip is NOT a joke. Take a look a what Sean Hannerty had to say. He is definitely crossing over into Jon Stewart's territory.


bridger said...

I don't think that clip was a Daily Show edit. It's unlike the Daily Show to frame by frame edit clips like that ( excluding circles or pointing arrows ). I found some posts online that said "Did I just see that on Fox News, were my eyes deceiving me?". The timestamp of the posts were BEFORE the Daily Show airing. I also haven't been able to find the clip except for the Daily Show.