Insane food web site by my kid

I'm proud: My 11 year old son put up his first web site the other day (all html hand coded in notepad without help from me) featuring the weird (but good) recipes of his best friend.

http://www.insanefood.com Really unusual (but delicious) recipes

Cake Batter Ice Cream (The best recipe yet.)
Chocolate Lava Muffins
Chocolate Soup
Corn Bread
Funnel Cake
Instant Pancake mix
Peanut Butter
Shrimp Gumbo


Lawrence Lile said...

Watch out - next he'll be accidentally buying an expensive piece of real estate on Ebay by a missed mouse click.

James Newton said...

LOL... we keep an eye on him and he can't sign up for things like eBay.

Valerie said...

Please pass my congratulations on to Remy and Noah. It's a great idea and I'll let other New Zealand children know about the website. Val