Goodnight: A dark ode to the music of Nora Jones

Attention Safety Police: I am in NO WAY suicidal, just a bit old and tired at times. Trying to come to terms with the inevitable. Anyway:

Goodnight: A dark ode to the music of Nora Jones

As I ready for my bed,
my children, they have all been fed,
and fed and fed and fed again,
and grown to women and to men
Learned to love and yet be strong
And never cry; lifes circle wrong
Taught to eat and when to kill...
I know not if they will
For now my blankets call to me,
such warmth and safety promised free.
A little nap: Now or forever?
Would choices end? My burden sever?
Deaths soft, sweet voice, it sings to me.
Her big brown eyes, dark as can be.
My Nora causes me no fright
'Come away with me, in the night'


Yea! Our heath care is ranked #37 in the world

Having said that, all the health care reforms I've seen so far amount to corporate welfare or will certainly cause rate hikes. It's going to be yet another screwfest with the American Sheeple happily bending over and asking to be... plucked...