I sent then to my senator today; Diane Feinstein happens to be on the intelligence committee.


Cyberspace 9/11 is here. A trojan worm similar to the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 are causing havoc to companies such as Time Warner Cable, Register.com and UltraDNS owned by Neustar and to millions of their customers throughout the United States and Europe.

Larry Kutscher, CEO of Register.com said: “unnamed persons all over the world are trying to attack us. ..."

Steven Weiss, the CTO of the Carlton Group in New York City insists we’re under federal attack. “We have no way to stop it. Why is no news organization documenting this? Where is the Federal CTO? Where is he? Where is Homeland security? This is a serious problem. I don’t feel comfortable. We’re under attack and no one is doing anything. Just like the beginning of the banking problems. It was swept under the rug for a long time. They’re going to keep it quiet until they’re pushed against the wall.”

Where was Homeland Security when my web sites went down as a result of attacks on my registrar (Register.com) from foreign countries? The internet is an integral part of our economy; a critical part of any business. Conflictor only infected about 5% of the computers inside the USA, so it was from the infected machines in other countries. Weather virus or direct human action, these are foreign attacks on US soil... the government has failed to protect us yet again.

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