MS ActiveX Video Security Vulnerability 972890

My boss handed me the local paper today with an item marked mentioning that M$ is asking people to disable activex video in web content until they can fix a bug that allows hackers to walk right in and take over your PC. I was amazed that I hadn't read about it in the geek news that I typically follow and that it was so hard to find the information on the net. Searching "bing" or MSN for "microsoft security vulnerabilities" shure as heck doesn't get you to it. You have to google those keywords to find "Microsoft Security Advisory (972890): Vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution" and the patch for it at:

I would STRONGLY recommend that anyone with an XP or 2003 Server go to that page and click on the "Microsoft Fix It" button under "Enable workaround" Follow the prompts to run the program.

More information on the M$ support page and on the main stream news:

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