Are the conservatives really wrong? Or just different?

As the end of my prior post says, I'm not so sure I know all the answers. The following video really does a great job of pointing that out. It also includes heard a brilliant quote, which I'm not sure it true; it is brilliant in the sense that it really makes one think.

"Sports is to war, as pornography is to sex"

In light of prior readings about porn making ones expectations of sex unrealistic, it sort of makes sense...

...I've always had a distaste for sports, and perhaps now I can understand why.

Perhaps this also explains why so few women enjoy sports.

Anyway, the video is about the difference between liberals and conservatives. You may not agree with everything that is said, and it goes by very quickly. But I think it is worth the time to watch it.

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ogre said...

Wrong or different?

... or both?


And yes, it's an interesting video (and no wonder I never had any interest in sports).