"Why not vote for McCain and just drill the coast and in ANWR for oil?"

Drilling is a great idea. Just like giving the crack-addict another rock to tie him over until he has a chance to get down to the rehab center.

I’ve got no problem with more drilling, even in ANWR (Alaskan Native Wildlife Refuge) because honestly the liberals have very much overstated the value of that area to wildlife.

But the oil is going to run out sometime. You can argue that it will run out next year or in 200 years, but it’s going to run out. For the USA, it ran out a long time ago, except for ANWR.

It’s a question of crushed ice in your drink or block ice.

With a crushed ice drink (slurpie, shake, etc…) you never really notice any difference until you are totally out. You can just suck on it and it tastes just the same until suddenly you get that first rattle of an empty hole. And then there is very little left… the end is near. With a block ice drink (lemonade, ice tea, iced coffee, etc…) as you sip, the ice melts and the drink is diluted until you are drinking basically water. It’s a gradual change and you know about where you are in the drink by how strong it is.

Sweet light crude is a crushed ice drink. When a country is pumping up the last bit of oil, it doesn’t cost them any more than it did when they drilled the first well. And then it runs out. Ask the UAE. They are in transition from oil exporter to oil importer. They have been converting their economy to investment, real estate, and entertainment for years now.

http://www.ameinfo.com/71519.html Wow... good thing Kuwait has that oil from Iraq to process now that the Iraqi system is blown all to hell.

http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/HF07Ak01.html (really worth reading)

Mexico is on the edge of running out and has no plan to offset the hit their economy is going to take. As usual, in Mexico, the people will bear the brunt of that failure. Talk about sheeple.


Saudi Arabia is going to run out in the next 10 or 15 years. They desperately need to keep their prices up in order to make the profit necessary to transition their economy.


The USA, of course, ran out years ago… except for our reserves… Like ANWR… I wonder why our government decided to “protect the wildlife” that doesn’t need protecting up there, instead of just letting the oil companies drill till we sucked up the last drop? Could it be that they were thinking ahead to the possibility of the Middle East being so screwed up that we would no longer be able to buy oil from them?

The long story short is that if the costs of crack… err… I mean oil… doesn’t go up, if the crack… oil… isn’t hard to get, the American capitalist economy will never transition to anything else until the very last second. This would make that transition painful; horrible in fact. Rent the documentary “Oil Storm” if you want a “best case” idea of what that would mean for us.

The Pickens plan is great… It will keep American dollars in American so we can afford to buy CCC (cheap Chinese crap). It puts in place PART of what we need in the long term for alternative energy (the wind farms in the central USA) although that does not really work all that well for the coasts where most of the power is consumed since power transmission lines are very costly and inefficient. I would go with floating nukes on the coasts, and wind inland but that’s just ‘cause I’m a mad scientist. Heck, no one is bothered by that H bomb they lost off the coast of Georgia, why worry about an air craft carrier with a few high tension lines?

Anyway, NG for the cars, wind (or nuke) for trons and keep working on that Hydrogen infrastructure. Oh, and something to make the hydrogen with… The worst part of the Pickens plan is that we will just move from smoking oil to mainlining NG until the NG starts to run out; thereby solving the problem once and for all. But wont… ONCE AND FOR ALL!

There is nothing wrong with a corporation making a profit. But when that profit is at the cost of an unquestioning public, it just encourages further exploitation… *cough* I mean, “profit taking” which must eventually lead to a separation of the rich and the poor, which eventually leads to a revolution. A population of sheep must beget a leadership of wolves. And yet the American Sheeple buy Hummers, and fail to take a pay cut so they can telecommute, or pay extra for organic food (avoiding the use of oil based fertilizers and pesticides). They don’t see that the weak front of wolves on the left and right are herding them into the narrow valley where it will be easy for the pack to pick off as many juicy little lambs as they like. As the price of oil goes up, and the profit is taken, a few Sheeple are jumping about, trying to find an exit; buying the Prius or electric car (which, due to its higher cost of production, uses just as much oil to make as they will recover over the life of the car).

Obama is backed by “BIG COAL” and so he will push laws that remove environmental air quality protections from around coal fired plants. But at least it will be American coal instead of Saudi Oil. McCain will win points with the greenies by pushing laws that increase air quality requirements and cause more power plants to switch to NG (a byproduct of oil drilling which we still have volumes of in the USA). The bulk of the money for oil goes to the Saudis. A people who hate the USA to a man. A vote for McCain, is a vote for Oil, is a vote for the Saudi royal family, is a vote for Saudi peoples, is a vote for…

POP QUIZ: What nationality were the 9/11 hijackers? A) Iraqi? B) Afghan? C) French? D) None of the above. See below for the answer which is printed upside down.

Summery: We need a slow transition from Saudi oil to American NG + wind/nuke then to fusion? Solar? Something? Keeping the price low, in a free market economy, makes that transition happen very suddenly about the time the oil runs out. Bad. Forcing the price high by artificially restricting demand (keep ANWR closed, bomb Iran, invade Iraq) allows for the “free” market to adjust. Adjusting to a resource we have lots of in the USA (NG, coal, nuke) keeps our dollars here and out of the hands of the devils playthings. Adjusting away from oil makes oil companies very, very sad. Oil companies will ask McCain (and to a lesser degree Obama) to help them maintain a cheap supply of crack… err… oil. Vote for the lying pig bastard politician who isn’t supported by big oil.

Or maybe big oil is taking the long view and helping us to ease the transition to new fuels? Naw... couldn't be.



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